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    Democracy Under Assault
    Theopolitics, Incivility and Violence on the Right

    Michele Swenson

    Issues Marking the U.S. Rightward Political Turn

    Assaults on Church-State Separation  
    Christian Reconstructionism
    Christian Zionism and Middle East Conflict
    Challenges to the Independent Judiciary    Federalist Society
    Resurrected Nineteenth Century Science and Socioeconomic Darwinism
    Revisionist History          American Theocracy

    • The CNP Dominionists Who Vetted Sarah Palin The Council for National Policy is a secretive right-wing group of over 500 Christian Dominionists - business, legislators and Religious Right activists - who have met 3 times yearly since 1981 to strategize replacing U.S. democracy with theocracy.
    • Federalist Society Assaults on the Independent Judiciary Attempts began in the Reagan administration to stack the courts with Federalist Society advocates and members; to overcome the independent judiciary; and even to precipitate constutitional crisis, in order to achieve political dominance.
    • Faith-Based Initiatives Faith-based initiatives as a means to proselytize and shift tax-funding to religious welfare programs; Christian Reconstructionists or Dominionists
    • The 'Divinely Ordained' Presidency of George W. Bush Fundamentalist Christians advance the notion of a Christian nation with 'God's chosen' leader, George W. Bush. Christian fundamentalists imply a war between Christians and Muslims, whom they designate 'Islamofascists.'
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