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    Michele Swenson


    • Clean, Sustainable Energy vs. Fracking Colorado The "Halliburton Loophole," inserted into energy legislation by former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney in 2005, created an unprecedented oil and gas industry exemption from 8 federal health and safety laws, including the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.
    • Frequently Asked Questions about Single-Payer Health Care Contrasted with the current "Free-Market" health care model only a Single-Payer model of "public payer, private provider" offers comprehensive coverage & true choice of providers and hospitals, as well as cost-savings for all, including businesses.
    • Losing Democracy in Inches Efforts by conservatives to privatize all public services, eliminate taxes and create economic chaos in order to usher in a U.S. theocracy.
    • Unsurance: Growing numbers of underinsured in the U.S. Corporatized health care, driven by private insurance companies numbering over 1200 in the U.S., are abandoning the insurance principle of shared risk in favor of individualized risk that increases health and financial risk.
    • The illusion of 'free-market' health care Proponents of privatizing everything for profit, ignore the failure of the market place to control health care costs, as profit-centered health insurances game the system to inflate their bottom line at the expense of health care access.
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