Democracy Under Assault
Theopolitics, Incivility and Violence on the Right

Michele Swenson

Fact Sheet

Quick Facts: Democracy Under Assault

Author: Michele Swenson

Publisher:  Sol Ventures Press

Summary: Democracy Under Assault is an in-depth overview of the political right movement in America, tracing its agenda to its philosophical roots in nineteenth century science and socioeconomics, and delineating the alliances established over more than three decades that have formed a powerful political machine. Readers are escorted over a landscape of issues, much of it presented in the words of religious fundamentalist political operatives, many moving below the radar, who define a battle between two world views that cannot coexist.. Swenson traces the evolution of a theopolitical movement that seeks to overturn the underpinnings of representative democracy - church-state separation, separation of powers and principles of equality and justice. She looks behind the language that has been coopted in the service of an extreme agenda. At the very moment neoconservatives purport to sow the seeds of democracy in the Middle East, U.S. democracy faces serious challenges at home.

Pages: 198 (excluding end notes)

             259 (including end notes)

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                 Paperback: $20*     ISBN: 0-9766788-0-2
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  1. Battlegrounds of Religious Right Culture Wars
    1. Challenges to Democracy
    2. Exclusionary Theopolitics
    3. Extremes of the Extreme Right
    4. Christian Persecution
    5. Corrupted Language that Forecloses Debate and Undermines Liberty
    6. Survival-of-the-Fittest Capitalism: The Privileged vs. the "Undeserving Underclass"
    7. Overcoming the Independent Judiciary
    8. Conspiracy-Driven, Gun-Centered Ideology

  2. Women: Primary Target of the Right
    1. Reversion to Pre-Roe Policy
    2. Roots of the Culture of Abuse
    3. Establishing the Primacy of Fetal Life and Men's Choices
    Final Note