Democracy Under Assault
Theopolitics, Incivility and Violence on the Right

Michele Swenson

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Author Reveals Subversions of Language, Science
and the U.S. Constitution in Democracy Under Assault

*In 2003 over $1 billion of taxpayer money was paid to religious groups (for so-called "faith-based initiatives), who are free to use the money to proselytize and discriminate in hiring.

*Pat Robertson's enterprise will receive $1.5 million as of 2005.

DENVER - January 18, 2005 - A new book identifies the direct challenges to democracy posed by the alliances of the new political right.

These are a few of the subversions of language and of the Constitution, as well as the many contradictions on the political right, described in Michele Swensons newly-published book, Democracy Under Assault. Depicting Americas destiny in terms of the end times foretold in the New Testament Book of Revelation, fundamentalist allies of Robertson and former Nixon aide, Chuck Colson, posit two world views that cannot coexist - that of biblical literalists aligned against "cultural Christians, secularists and pagans." Robertson evangelicals predict imminent civil war, should "Gods rightful heirs" fail to gain dominance over all social and governmental institutions in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. Heirs to the nineteenth century Nativist movement that equated "Americanization and Christianization," they allege a humanist conspiracy to divert America from its providentially ordained role as a Christian nation.

Swenson describes assaults on the independent judiciary, and resurrected nineteenth-century science and socioeconomic Darwinism that holds it the duty of the rich to drive the poor into extinction. An unholy alliance of Christian Reconstructionists, hard-core gun advocates, pro-corporate and anti-tax forces contribute to Pat Robertsons professed goal of a "bullet-proof Republican majority," a guarantee of their continued inordinate influence on U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

Some of the pseudo-science promoted by right-wing ideologues:

The book delineates the many distortions of exclusionary religion. Unsuccessful at injecting the teaching of creationism into public school curriculum, the right has designated evolution a "religion" that also should not be taught. Religious nationalists allege "Christian persecution" for any perceived demographic or public policy challenge, from environmental action and birth control, to public schools and non-traditional roles for women. Holding his the last generation before the Second Coming, Reagan Interior Secretary James Watt dismissed environmental protections: "When the last tree is felled, Christ will return," he testified before Congress. Promulgating revisionist history, the doctrinal father of religious nationalists, Francis Schaeffer, led the movement among Christian Reconstructionists to rewrite intellectual history to align the intent of the Founding Fathers with the Reformation, the New Testament and the political goals of the New Religious Right.

Framing all issues in terms of a persecuted Christian minority oppressed by liberal elites, the political religious right labeled opponents of Alabama attorney general William Pryors Circuit Court nomination "anti-Catholic," just as opponents of Alberto Gonzales selection as attorney general were named "racists." War protestors are accused of "aligning themselves with terrorists and Saddam Hussein." Thus is language subverted in order to foreclose debate on any issue, degrading public dialogue and compromising the very basis of U.S. democracy.

Book Earnings Shared with Progressive Causes

Twenty percent of 2005 author earnings from the book Democracy Under Assault are dedicated to progressive causes - "to help counteract the muting of progressive voices," said Swenson.

Democracy Under Assault is now available at area bookstores, as well as online at and, linked by the authors Web site,, where there is a chapter-by-chapter outline of the book.

About the Author

Swenson has worked with many groups involved with peace and social justice issues. She has volunteered time with homeless teens, women and children, as well as doing background research for gun safety and health advocacy groups, and has testified on numerous occasions before the Colorado legislature on these issues. Her presentations to various groups have covered issues surrounding violence and health care. Currently a resident of Colorado, she researched and wrote Democracy Under Assault over a period of15 years.